Logan Review


I don’t know about you, but ever since the first X-Men movie I have always felt like something was missing from Wolverine. Every time he sunk his claws into a bad guy, I yearned for blood. It only made sense right? I mean, Wolverine has uber-sharp metallic claws that he uses to rip people to shreds, yet there was never any blood. It always kinda took me out of the movie. Not to mention that a guy like Wolverine, a notorious rebel who can’t be killed and doesn’t give a fuck about anything, would constantly be swearing both in and out of combat. I understand that not every X-Men movie could have been rated R, but still, I always felt like the character of Wolverine had so much more to offer than what had been given to us.

Enter Logan, the 57th movie featuring Hugh Jackman as the aforementioned Wolverine. In his first R-rated showing, I had some high expectations for Jackman’s last dance in the adamantium claws. Especially coming off the massive success of Deadpool, there was some proven success that the R-rated adult superhero movie could work. And let me say this, the opening of Logan gave me some mixed emotions. On one count, I was thrilled about the explicit violence I had always wanted from a Wolverine feature. Severed limbs, blood sprays, and claws to the face galore gave me an adamantium-hard wolverine in my pantalones. But I also felt like they were trying to throw the ‘F’ word in a little to much, and if you don’t know what I meant by the ‘F’ word I meant FUCK. They say FUCK a lot in a short span in the beginning, and I wasn’t fucking sure if they were just fucking saying fuck to show off the new fucking R rating for a Wolverine movie. Fuck. But my early worries were quickly put to rest as the movie continued, and I found myself transfixed by what was occurring onscreen.

Logan is the Wolverine movie I have always wanted. It’s super violent, filled with naughty language, features some heavy emotional moments, and all of it feels needed. Aside from the early moments in the beginning, I never felt like the movie was taking advantage of its R-rating. It all felt so natural, because it all fit so perfectly with the character. My expectations were so high for this movie, and they weren’t only met they were exceeded. From my first viewing, I already put it up there in my rank of comic book movies. It was so fucking awesome. It gave me everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I have ever wanted to see in a Wolverine movie.

The film takes place in 2029, and mutants are all but extinct. Logan now works as a limo driver, saving up his money to take care of a mentally slipping Professor X (Patrick Stewart) with the help of fellow mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant). Logan has visibly grown tired of life, and it is clear that caring for an ill Charles Xavier is the only thing keeping him going. One day, a woman comes along and begs Logan to transport her and a mysterious girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) up to Canada for protection, which Logan promptly refuses by telling her to, and I quote, “Fuck off.” Some events transpire, and Logan finds himself in the care of the girl, as government agent Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) is hot on his tail trying to capture the girl for his own dastardly intentions.

That’s all I will give you for the plot, because I really want you to experience it for yourself. Just know that the journey is a locomotive filled with blood-soaked action, legitimate emotion, and some fantastic acting. Hugh Jackman basically is the Wolverine, and he saves his best for last as he goes all out here. Just when you think he has given you all there is with this character, he comes out and delivers a powerhouse performance that drives the movie. He’s just great, bringing his all in the action scenes and quieter scenes alike. Patrick Stewart gives an award-caliber performance as Charles Xavier in a state we have never seen him before. Old and borderline senile, this Professor X has frequent seizure attacks which cripple those around him with his mental abilities, constantly talks to himself, and then has his moments of brilliance where the Xavier of old shines through. It really is a great performance. I was really impressed with Daphne Keen as Laura, who delivers a ton without speaking. She has a furious aura about her that really comes out during the action scenes. Boyd Holbrook is menacing as Donald Pierce, and Stephen Merchant also does a great job as Caliban. There really wasn’t a single hole in the acting category.

Listen, if you’ve been an X-Men fan since the beginning you are already going to see Logan and you’re going to love it. If you aren’t a huge fan of the X-Men series, you should still go see Logan because it is so much more than just a comic book movie. It’s a gritty action-drama that fires on all cylinders. I can’t think of anything else I would want to see from a Wolverine movie. It had it all. It was, dare I say, perfect. Logan lives up to the hype, and then some. I was blown away.

My score: 10 out of 10

PS: Just to save you some time, there’s no after credit scene so don’t bother waiting around.


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