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Game of Thrones “Mother’s Mercy” Review

game-thrones-mothers-mercy-jon-snowOk, everyone take a deep breath. Hold it in there for a sec, then let it out slowly. I’m sure that didn’t help at all after what you’ve just witnessed, but hey I’m trying! Wow, is all you can say right? I mean, I read the books, knew it was coming, and it still packed a punch. Those damn Nights Watchmen! Continue reading Game of Thrones “Mother’s Mercy” Review


Game of Thrones “The Dance of Dragons” Review

danyclapping1-810x424The ninth episode of a Game of Thrones’ season is usually the most exciting and shocking of the ten. Past season’s have saved Ned’s death, the Battle of Blackwater, the Red Wedding, and the Battle at the Wall for the penultimate episode, all regarded as some of the best episodes of their respective seasons. So how did “The Dance of the Dragons” hold up when compared to the great niners of seasons past? In my opinion, not so great. It had its moments, but in the end I was left with a bad taste in my mouth and felt pretty disappointed. Continue reading Game of Thrones “The Dance of Dragons” Review

Game of Thrones “Hardhome” Review

Hardhome-boatThis week’s episode of Game of Thrones was a dull, boring affair that was frankly torturous to watch due to the lack of any interesting or entertaining material. Gotcha! That was fucking awesome! Seriously, that ending was phenomenal and had me on the edge of my seat. Hundreds of zombies, the most we have ever seen of the Others, badass Jon and Tormund being badass, and a muthafugging giant going absolutely bananas all over the place. Holy shit balls, I think my eyes came from the gloriousness of it all. Continue reading Game of Thrones “Hardhome” Review

Game of Thrones “The Gift” Review last week’s somewhat disappointment of an episode, Game of Thrones returned to form with the best episode of the season in “The Gift.” We got time to see basically every character in the season except for Arya, and instead of feeling overwhelming and lacking time the whole episode smoothed rather well, and paid off in big ways with some absolutely gigantic moments. Continue reading Game of Thrones “The Gift” Review

Game of Thrones “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Review

game-of-thrones-ep-5-6-sansa-530x282After this episode, I came to a bit of a sad realization. I am starting to believe that this season of Game of Thrones is trying to be shocking just for the sake of being shocking, not to further the story. Never before have I felt this way, and it kind of sucks. In the books, when something truly shocking happens you know there is a definite reason. Ned being killed, Robb being killed, Tyrion losing his trial by combat, all of these events were necessary to the story. This season, I feel differently. Continue reading Game of Thrones “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Review

Game of Thrones “Kill the Boy” Review

got505090414hsdsc58751jpg-72e3b2_624wAlright, so we got one of the most drastic changes from the book here in “Kill the Boy.” Despite not showing the killing blow in last week’s episode, Ser Barristan Selmy was killed as a result of his battle with the Sons of the Harpy. This is a huge departure from the books, as Ser Barristan is still alive and a major character. I’m usually fairly open to changes, and understand that the show simply cannot keep everything from the books. But this doesn’t sit right with me, and feels more like a death delivered purely for shock and not to advance the story. It’s also obvious they kept Grey Worm alive because of his romance with Missandei, something I could really give two shits about. Given the choice, I would take Ser Barristan over Grey Worm every day of the week. Continue reading Game of Thrones “Kill the Boy” Review

Game of Thrones “Sons of the Harpy” Review

sons-of-harpy-e1430704234603So before I get down to business, can I just say what the fuck is up with this episode ending with 8 whole minutes left in the hour? Like, some episodes it feels like too much is being crammed in and then you get episodes like this where you feel like there is plenty of room to add something else in. This is of course me just being greedy for more Game of Thrones, but come on. 8 minutes is a lot of time! Continue reading Game of Thrones “Sons of the Harpy” Review