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Power Rangers Review


I wouldn’t call myself a diehard Power Rangers fan, I tuned in to the original show in the 90’s when I was a youngin, but I was never a crazed fan of the series. Obviously I loved the movie with Ivan Ooze, collected the cool toys, and got mad when my mom taped over a VHS I had saved of that episode when the Rangers do battle against a big pig monster that turns them into food and eats them and replaced it with that Otis and Milo movie with the talking animals. To this day, top ten angriest moments of my life. So yeah, I enjoyed the original series but nothing extreme. It was only a matter of time until a gritty modern-day movie would be made to cash in on the nostalgia of us 90’s kids, and that time has finally come with the new Power Rangers movie. So was it the unimaginable pig slop that I thought it would be? I’m surprised to say that no, this movie was not terrible.  Continue reading Power Rangers Review


Godzilla Review

I am Zilla, hear me roar
I am Zilla, hear me roar

Well, for a movie titled Godzilla we don’t get to see too too much of the big guy. Of the 2 hour run time The King of Monsters is on screen for about 30 minutes. For those of you looking for a Pacific Rim-style monster fighting marathon, you may be disappointed. Don’t worry though, when Godzilla does appear he makes quite an impact. For the most part the film focuses on the human element, namely Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Ford Brody. Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, and Bryan Cranston round out the rest of the main cast, with Gareth Edwards in the director’s chair. Continue reading Godzilla Review